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Te Urewera National Park

The largest forest in the North Island, Te Urewera National Park is a remote and beautiful region of New Zealand. Spiritual home of the Tuhoe people, the park's original Maori inhabitants were known as the “Children of the Mist”.  Any visitor to Te Urewera National Park and Lake Waikaremoana will feel the spiritual power of the area – deeply mysterious and extremely stunning.


Te Urewera National Park is located in Eastland, on the North Island’s east coast.
The nearest main centres are Wairoa (on the eastern side), Whakatane (to the north) and Rotorua (to the west).

Getting to Te Urewera National Park

Transport is available from Wairoa, Whakatane and Rotorua. The park can also be accessed via State Highway 38 from Wairoa.
Most visitors to the park travel to beautiful Lake Waikaremoana.

Accommodation in Te Urewera National Park

Accommodation is available at Lake Waikaremoana – including a camping ground and lodge.
On the walking tracks, huts are available. Permits must be obtained from DOC prior to staying in huts on any of the Great Walks.

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Activities in Te Urewera National Park
  • Walking & Hiking are popular on the extensive track system that weaves its way through the park.
  • The best known walk in Te Urewera National Park is the Waikaremoana Track – one of New Zealand’s Great Walks. 46kms in length, huts are situated along the track.
  • Boating and fishing are also popular activities in Te Urewera National Park, on beautiful Lake Waikaremoana.
  • Hunting is also available, with a plentiful supply of introduced wild boar and deer roaming throughout the national park.

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Te Urewera Climate

Temperatures in Te Urewera National Park can vary greatly. Whilst often mild in summer, conditions can turn cold at any time of year. In winter, visitors can expect heavy frosts, icy rain, wind and snow. Clothing to suit all conditions should be brought if embarking on a long walk.
Sunscreen and insect repellent are also advisable.

Wildlife in Te Urewera National Park

Many native birds can be found in the park – including Kiwi and Kaka (forest parrot).
Introduced deer and wild boar also roam Te Urewera National Park.


Te Urewera National Park Visitor Centre
SH 38
RD 5
Ph:+64 6 837 3803

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