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Student & Working Visas

If you will be studying in New Zealand for more than 12 weeks, you need to apply for a student visa through the New Zealand Immigration Service. Here is some information on applying for a student visa and for a student work visa, so you can get a job whilst studying in New Zealand.

Applying for a NZ Student Visa

To study in New Zealand for longer than 12 weeks, you will need to meet the New Zealand government's student visa requirements.

Having a New Zealand student visa means you can study in New Zealand for a set period of time at a specified educational institute.

The NZ Immigration website provides more information on what a New Zealand student visa allows.


Working While You Study

You will also need a visa if you wish to get a job while you are in New Zealand as a student.

Some courses (usually longer full-time tertiary study) allow you to work part-time in New Zealand (during your school holidays).  For information on working whilst studying, visit the Temporary New Zealand Immigration Service website.

Finding Part Time Work in New Zealand
  • Recent vacancies are advertised online. New Zealand has several top job websites as well as many industry-specific ones. Try a Google search for 'New Zealand employment vacancies'.
  • Employment vacancies are published in major newspapers each week (usually on Wednesday and Saturday).
  • You can search university notice boards for employment advertisements.
  • Student Job Search is a very useful service – specialising in finding part-time/temporary work for tertiary students. Student Job Search offices are located on most university campuses.
Pay Rates

New Zealand has a minimum wage law, which means that all employees aged 16 years or over must be paid at least the minimum wage. However, many employers pay more than the minimum wage.

Currently the minimum wage rates in New Zealand are:

*Correct as at August 2013. The New Zealand minimum wage rate is reviewed every year. To check the current minimum wage rate, visit the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment website.

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