All at once high in the hills and deep in the forest, surrounded by rivers, and a highway junction, Reefton has an excellent museum, pleasant parks, great hospitality, and a whole range of outdoor things to do.

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 Panoramic view over Reefton, West Coast  Tourism West Coast

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Accommodation in this area includes a selection of affordable hotels and motels, quirky backpacker hostels and cosy holiday homes or B&Bs. 

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Browse through the diverse range of activities on offer in this beautiful area. There are many to choose from, find your favourite!  

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What to do in Reefton

  • Follow the informative Reefton Heritage Walk
  • Explore the surrounding Victoria Conservation Park
  • Cast a line in the pristine rivers around Reefton
  • Wander round historic Blacks Point & visit the museum
  • Stop for a round of golf at the Reefton golf course

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How do you get to Reefton?

  • Travel by Plane
    • There are no air services to Reefton. Westport, one hour away by road, services the local area, offering flights to and from Wellington.
  • Travel by Train
    • There is no train service to Reefton.
  • Travel by Bus
    • Reefton can be accessed by tour bus operators, or through many of the main national bus operators.
  • Rent a Vehicle
    • There are multiple rental car companies located in nearby Westport offering car and motorhome rentals. To avoid disappointment, these should be booked prior to your arrival if possible.