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Planning Your Trip To New Zealand

Your trip to New Zealand will take a lot of planning. Find all of the information relating to your New Zealand travel needs here.

Flight Times & Information

You can fly to New Zealand from many international destinations, and on various international airlines. Here you will find some information on flight times and airlines to help you plan your journey to New Zealand, and make it as hassle free as possible.

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International Airports

New Zealand has seven airports that offer international arrivals and departures. Read more about these here.

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Air Travel Tips

From some destinations, the flight to New Zealand is, one of the longest flights possible. To make your journey as comfortable as possible we've included some useful air travel tips for long-haul flying.

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Arriving by Sea

Cruise ships, freight vessels and private boats all arrive frequently in New Zealand's many ports. Here is a brief outline of some of the crew requirements when arriving in New Zealand by sea.

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Currency & Costs

One of the most difficult parts of an overseas holiday is knowing how much money you will spend on everyday items like food, accommodation and transport. Here we have compiled some helpful information on New Zealand currency, and budgeting for your New Zealand holiday.

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Seasons & Climate

New Zealand's weather is extremely variable from season to season and from one end of the country to the other. We have compiled some information on New Zealand weather and climate so you can work out what to expect during your New Zealand holiday.

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What to Wear

Here is a basic what to wear guide to help you prepare for your New Zealand vacation. Knowing what to wear during your visit will help make your New Zealand holiday even more enjoyable.

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Find New Zealand Accommodation

No matter what your budget, style or destination, you'll find the ideal New Zealand accommodation for your holiday.

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