Banks Peninsula

Two harbours and many inlets and bays, some accessible only by sea, make Banks Peninsula very maritime-focussed. Tranquil settlements welcome day-trippers by boat and car. The Hinewai Reserve has plans to restore ancient forests from hilltop to seaside.

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Banks Peninsula


Accommodation in Banks Peninsula is as charming and eclectic as the region itself, made up of hidden-away B&Bs, eco-retreats and cosy homestays.

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Banks Peninsula


Browse through the diverse range of activities on offer in this diverse area. There are many to choose from, find your favourite!   

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What to do in Banks Peninsula

Southern Bays
  • Spend a day at the beach in Tumbledown Bay
  • Catch a wave at Magnet Bay or Te Oka Bay
  • Visit Peraki Bay's whaling station monument
  • Enjoy the peaceful isolation of the Southern Bays
Eastern Bays
  • Browse the incredible collection at Okain's Bay Moari & Colonial Museum
  • Spot penguins and rare Hector's Dolphins at Le Bons Bay
  • Visit Little Akaloa's historic stone church
  • Take a walk in Ellengowan Scenic Reserve, at Hickory Bay
  • Surf, kayak, swim and relax at any of the lovely beaches
South East Bays
  • Take a kayaking trip in Pohatu Marine Reserve
  • Spot seals from the heads at Stony Bay
  • Walk the fabulous three-day Banks Peninsula Track
  • Explore the magnificent Hinewai Reserve
  • See penguins come ashore at Flea Bay
Akaroa Harbour's Bays
  • Take a tour of Barry's Bay Cheese Factory
  • Explore the unusual rock formations at Onawe Peninsula
  • Have a meal at the historic Duvauchelle Hotel
  • Visit the Takamatua Lavender Farm
  • Swim, sunbathe & relax at any of the quiet bays



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How do you get to Banks Peninsula?

  • Travel by Plane
    • The wider Banks Peninsula region does not have an airport. The closest airport to the region is Christchurch International Airport, around 80 minutes’ drive away.
  • Travel by Train
    • There are no train services to the wider Banks Peninsula region.
  • Travel by Bus
    • There are a number of shuttle and tour operators who transport passengers between Christchurch or Akaroa and the wider Banks Peninsula region on a daily basis. The region is not serviced by a public transport system.
  • Rent a Vehicle
    • Most visitors explore the wider Banks Peninsula region by car or motorhome, however the vehicles cannot be rented in the area. It is advised to hire your rental vehicle in Christchurch or another South Island arrival hub.