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FourCorners is your complete online travel guide to New Zealand. We pride ourselves in offering travellers up to date, accurate and unbiased information about all the wonderful places, accommodation, activities, transport and events out there in New Zealand.

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FourCorners: Your Complete Online Travel Guide to New Zealand

www.fourcorners.co.nz is about providing as much information as possible about holidaying in New Zealand, to both the domestic and the international traveller.

We are passionate about New Zealand and what it has to offer but, unfortunately, too much of the country is unaccounted for in the main tourism portals. We found some websites had a lot of information, but it was difficult to find or was buried under a multitude of links leading in ever decreasing circles.

So, instead of complaining, we decided to create our own New Zealand travel website. Below is some general information about what we do and who we are.

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FourCorners Site Information

www.fourcorners.co.nz has been live since April 2005.

Since that time we have added thousands of New Zealand tourism products and services and hundreds of New Zealand events to the site.

Our website lists all products for free. Operators who wish to include images and weblinks on their listing pay a small annual fee which helps us continue to develop and promote the site. In return for their support we put these products to the top of our search results lists.

Our operator database (TourismData) won the TUANZ Innovation Award for Tourism in 2006. It is designed to enable visitors to find products easily, with a comprehensive keyword search function and the ability to sort results by price, location, name or Qualmark rating. TourismData is being constantly upgraded. Operators have direct access to their listings so information remains current.

We now attract an average of 50,000 visitors to the site per month (that excludes spidered sessions!) and we cover such a broad base of information that we are found via 20,000 different search terms in any one month.

Writers'  Corner

We commissioned seven professional travel writers to provide us with some travel stories about New Zealand places and New Zealand people. We think this is a first, in that most destination sites don't have this kind of high quality, magazine-style content. It adds a bit of entertainment to the site and hopefully brings visitors back for more.

We also have our in-house travel writer Amelia Norman, whose articles have been syndicated with Yahoo!Xtra Travel and with the 3 News Lifestyle Website, and have been published in some of New Zealand's leading lifestyle magazines.

New Zealand Events Calendar

We have created a New Zealand events calendar that anyone can add an event to. It doesn't matter if your event is large of small - as long as it is an event, rather than a lengthy course or a product. We believe visitors from around New Zealand and overseas enjoy participating in or viewing many of the smaller events taking place and some will travel to see them. That's why the calender has been created: to put everything into one place - easy to find, easy to navigate, and free!

Tourism News

Our New Zealand tourism news section has been developed to allow businesses to share their new product release stories, latest product updates and events news. No hard journalism here (we publish most releases), it's simply an outlet to share your good news and let people know what's fresh and new.

Bookings and Enquiries

We don't want to get caught in the trap of becoming a booking agency as this limits who we can promote and list. We want to remain true to our mission of providing as much unbiased New Zealand travel information as possible. Products that have an email address get the Make an Enquiry button and all enquiries go directly to that operator.

We also link to several online booking services which allows visitors to book with the product directly online. Most of these services also offer realtime availability information. By integrating with multiple booking services we make it easier for products to use the system they prefer and that means more choice for visitors to the site.

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