About Liz Light

On her eleventh birthday Liz’s grandmother gave her a book "Peoples of the World" and she remembers lying on the floor and studying the pictures, fascinated by the differences in the way people dressed and lived and she knew that, when she grew up, the world would be hers to explore.

After a few serious sessions of OE she returned to New Zealand and settled into study getting a masters degree in English and history. She couldn’t wait to hit the road again and went to India which "shook the academia, and a thousand assumptions, out of my head. India is hot and horrible, beautiful and fascinating, the country I both love and hate the most and it keeps luring me back."

Liz writes for North & South magazine each month, is senior photojournalist for Destinations, New Zealand’s quarterly travel magazine, and a regular contributor to AA Directions. Her travel writing and photography has also been published in onHoliday, Listener and New Zealand Herald and a handful of different airline magazines. But a big part of her bill-paying comes from writing features for business publications. She has won numerous awards for both travel and business writing over the years.

Having seen black rivers that burp - Saigon - and smog so toxic it hurt to breathe - Delhi - Liz is keen on writing conservation-based stories, "hoping that in some way it helps make a little part of the world a better place."

Liz’s passion for people, places and adventures hasn’t diminished since her eleven-year-old epiphany and she will grab her camera and film, notebook and pen and jump on a plane to anywhere but, most of all, Liz loves New Zealand’s great outdoors and hikes, paddles kayaks and rides horses whenever she can escape her Auckland office.

Liz Writes For:
  • North & South
  • Destinations
  • AA Directions
  • Listener
  • onHoliday