Lake Tekapo

Clear blue water by day, valued by sportspeople and for hydro power, and clear black sky at night, now protected by astronomers against light pollution, draw visitors all year round to Lake Tekapo.  Skaters and skiers appreciate the hot pools in winter, too.

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 Lake Tekapo chapel, Mt Cook Mackenzie  Fraser Gunn

 Hotel Room Inside Accommodation  © Jen SFO-BCN via Flickr

Lake Tekapo


From backpackers to exclusive luxury lodges; B&Bs to farmstays; holiday parks to hotels  - there is an accommodation option for everyone. 

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Fraser Gunn

Lake Tekapo


Browse through the diverse range of activities on offer in this stunning area. There are many to choose from, find your favourite!   

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What to do in Lake Tekapo

  • Take a night tour of the excellent Mt John Observatory
  • Snap some photos of the pretty Church of the Good Shepherd
  • Ski at Roundhill in winter
  • Relax in the hot pools or swim in the stunning Lake Tekapo
  • Sit outside and enjoy the views from one of the many cafes

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How do you get to Lake Tekapo?

  • Travel by Plane
    • There is no commercial airport in Lake Tekapo. There is a small airport on the outskirts of town that is used solely for scenic flights. The closest commercial airports are Timaru Airport at 80 minutes’ away and Queenstown Airport 3 hours’ away
  • Travel by Train
    • There are no train services to Lake Tekapo.
  • Travel by Bus
    • Lake Tekapo is well serviced by a large number of shuttles, buses and tour bus operators. Many operators include Lake Tekapo on their route between Christchurch and Queenstown.
  • Rent a Vehicle
    • There are no vehicle rental outlets in Lake Tekapo so it is advisable to pick up your motorhome or rental car in Christchurch, Queenstown or another South Island arrival hub beforehand.